Use Case Demonstration

One of the daily problems I was facing was misplacing my eyeglasses, and sometimes I would spend up to 15 minutes to locate them. Looking for a solution to this problem online, I could not find any viable product on the market, so I decided to create one myself. I designed wall-mounted eyeglasses organizer in a modular fashion, which can easily be assembled and disassembled. The organizer consists of a CNC machined block of wood, four wooden rods, two 3D printed parts on the front that hold the rods, and two 3D printed components on the back that screw into the parts on the front. Initially, I designed this product with a single rod, but the glasses would get caught and removing them was difficult. I then switched to a four-rod design, which solved that problem.

Front View Disassembled

Back View Disassembled

Front View Assembled

Exploded View of the SolidWorks model, Front

Exploded View of the SolidWorks model, Back

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